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The Blind Bag Show on YouTube is a fun show for kids and families alike.
Every week we will open new "Blind Bags", mystery eggs, gashapon and other fun toys.
What we get is always a surprise ^_^. So please Watch, Like & Subscribe and comment!

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Blind Bag Show Quickie #001 - 1st Kinder Surprise Egg Our first Blind Bag Show "Quickie". In this shorter episode, Layton receives his first ever Kinder Surprise Egg and we excitedly open it up to reveal the toy inside. We will be doing more of these inbetween the longer form shows very soon!
Our debut episode of the Blind Bag Show is Live! We will open Season 14 LEGO Minifigures (Monsters), Shopkins Season 3, Nerf from McDonald's, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Glitter) and more! We plan to do at least one show a week and are starting to find our groove.
Blind Bag Show Preview Our Debut (Preview) of the "Blind Bag Show". We open a variety of Blind Bags: LEGO Minifigures, Super Mario Bros. K'Nex, Gashapon / Mystery Eggs, McDonald's Toys (Monster Truck & Hello Kitty). Much more to come

10/10/2015 - Things are rolling right along! We have a full episode under our belt now and we are moving onto making
short videos (under 10 minutes long) called "Blind Bag Quickies". Look for these starting next week!

09/15/2015: Our Preview show is Live! The camera is a bit shaky and we purposely kept in some of our rough moments in
to show the recording process. The first REAL episode will be posting Thursday, October 1, 2015. We now have a better
recording camera (shooting in 4K HD no less!) and a tripod to keep things stable and silky smooth. More to come! Thanks
so much for your support ^_^. We really appreciate it and we hope to make this show a weekly show very soon.

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